Rogue Trader

Our Journey Begins
  • Filled hold with small arms for trade.
  • Departed Port Wander.
  • Had a crappy warp Journey to the Battlegrounds Station of Passage. Dead uncle yelled at everyone.
  • Got ambushed at the Battlegrounds. Two gun ports were damaged, had to emergency warp jump out.
  • Another crappy warp Journey. Got stretched into a 3000 mile long piece of human spaghetti. Flicker in the warp field did something to one of the damaged gun decks.
  • Came out of warp. Investigated the gun deck. The crew had all melted into the walls screaming and died frozen in metallic agony. Hushed everything up, congradulated the crew on a successful voyage, and got everyone roaring drunk.
  • Landed on Footfall
  • A little git tried to trick us into paying him “docking defense dues”. We brushed him off. He yelled we would pay. We wondered aloud why that bench was talking.
  • Talked to Joseph Jerrod, our local solicitor. He brought out an old safe.
  • Turns out it was gene and chemical locked. Had to smoke a partake of a particular sequence of substances to unlock it.
  • Received star charts to the Hethen Stars and a mysterious gold pendant with green half circle jewel. Has faint warp charge.

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