Risky Endeavor

Lathe Pattern Light-Cruiser
Veteran Crew


Rank 1

Lord-Captain: Lord Captain Scott Farkus

Rank 2

First Officer: Horhae Jeriko Horhae, Tan skinned, huge, muscled, bald with tatoo. Strong and silent. Solid as adamite.

Enginseer Prime: Isaiah Cobol Task oriented. Work before play. Play is work too.

High Factotum: Huriko Takahashi

Rank 3

Master at Arms: Mikhail Venko
Master Helmsmen:
Master of Ordinance: Nella MacTaggart
Master of Etherics: Lukas Ritter A young man, one track mind, obsessed with his work.
Chief Chirurgeon: Content Not Found: hashim-sato A wethered, ancient chiurgeon. Looks like he has sewn himself up almost as often as others. Completely non-sympathetic, and does not flinch at tough decision. Always complains about wasting medicine. Has odd, jerry-rigged methods that reflect his history on the battlefield.
Master of Whispers: Huriko Takahashi
Choir-Master Telepathica:Flavius Malus
Warp-Guide: Josephus Azul More machine than man, now, wears a blindfold over his three, non-existant eyes. Soft spoken, his voice is like maggots in your nerves.

Rank 4

Ships Confessor: Ezekial the “Kind” is an an ancient man with ebon skin and an eye patch, and a voice like oiled silk. Was a close friend of three previous Lord-Captains, and has no intentions of leaving his post as guide to the souls of Risky Endeavor.
Drivemaster: Enginseeer Tenzen Mumbles to himself in binary and has to be reminded to speak Gothic. Pasty white skin on the 10% of the body you can see.
Omnissianic Congregator: Oraculus A Decrepit and ancient Priest, he has worked at his job for so long he no longer recognizes the existence of the outside world.
Chief Bosun: Louis De Chandue (French) With beloved handlebar mustache, Louis is an IG Master Seargent.
Infernus Master: [Titanus] All anyone sees of the Infernus Master is his bald pate and oxygen mask. He’s an intimidating figure in his fireproof suit and wrist mounted extinquisher with a back feed. His right arm is a crude bionic festooned with a large fire chain axe.
Twistcatcher: [[Briet] is the young daughter of the former Twistcatcher who has taken to her new job with gusto and a flamer.


The Devils Den

Face: Markus Smirnov

Large bald black russian revolutionary, covered in tatoos.
In a lost deck. Star wars cantina theme song. Currency is spent shell casings.
Bar and fighting pit.

The Diamond Room

Face: Servo Old battlescarred veteran, servo eye and hand.
Polished hardwoods, brass, and marble. High class.

Risky Endeavor

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